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When starting out it is important to have a plan.  If not, it is like starting a journey without having a destination.  Writing an accurate and achievable plan is crucial, however its contents largely depends on situational and environmental factors (like available budget, culture, partners, your aims and aspirations etc…)  Working without a plan can still have results, however these are likely to just be down to coincidence or luck.  


The progression in Great Britain was the result of coordinated and targetted work from a number of key people who were all ´mover and shakers´ in their own area, who were positioned to be in the right places at the right times.  When starting a conscious effort was made to identify what things were well positioned and ready to be utilised.  Some of the things that were crucial were:


1. One 'Single Point of Contact' who had the sole responsibility of coordinating everything from Development to Performance.

2. There was a representative from sitting volleyball on the Board of the governing body, as well as there being strong links to the National Paralympic Committee.

3. A group of passionate and proactive people who formed the sitting volleyball Advisory Group who were consulted and respected and fed into all major developments and decisions.

4. A strategic multi year plan which covered all areas of the sport through until the London Paralympic Games and beyond.

5. The full support of all National Governing Body or Sport, the Paralympic Committee, the National Disability Federation and the volleyball community.


The decision making process should be:

• Where are we now?

• Where will this decision take us?

• Is it any closer to where we want to be?

• If not but we do this, will it help us find another way to where we want to be?


At times tough decisions will have to be made, quite often to the disappointment of individual players or volunteers.  There will also need to be continuous prioritisation, quite often between the development (or growth) of the sport, or the national team.


For the full plan used within Great Britain please see: 'Intervention 8 - Playground to Podium' or to see how things actually worked out click on 2009-10, or 2010-11 links.

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