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The recruitment, training and management of the sports workforce staff is another key challenge that needs to be addressed and planned for.  There are strong arguments that say that this needs to come before player recruitment, however the only way of getting staff experience is by working with players.


To begin with staff are more than likely to be giving up their time voluntarily, and will need to arrange and manage it commitments around their own careers (jobs) and families.  Whilst there will need to be a considerable amount of flexibility here, having a plan that is confirmed and communicated early giving as much time as possible for people to organise their personal lives can help massively.


For each role that is appointed around a team, either club or national, it is important to discuss and agree a written 'Role Description' and some aims/targets.  The different positions that tend to exist around any given sitting volleyball team or competition are:


Lead on the technical development of the players, whilst coordinating all other aspects.  In a competition only a 'Head Coach' and an 'Assistant Coach' are permitted, however in training sessions there can be any number of coaches.


Look after the players and the other team staff in all off court situations, they coordinate all bookings (food, travel and accommodation etc...), communicate plans and act as the medium between the team and those who govern the sport.  


People who act as classifiers (to determine the classification of players) are best coming from a medical background to help guide the coaches over who is eligible.  There are international classification courses ran before most major events.

Strength and


The physical demands on the body for a sitting volleyball player is considerably different from most other sports.  The wrists, shoulders and back are under a lot of pressure, moving and playing the ball, so a lot of training is required here.


You cannot under estimate the psychological impact of someone living with, or acquiring a disability.  A psychologist is not only crucial for helping the team work together, creating a performance mindset but for counseling for those who want it.


As the level of competitiveness rises, the role of the referee becomes even more important to produce a worthy winner.  There are a number of similarities to volleyball, however anyone looking to pursue this route should undertake a course.


It is always useful to have some additional volunteers available, if they can play they can join in to add to the numbers, or they can help to collect balls or just support the athletes on and off the court.