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Jenni originally trained as a physiotherapist working in various roles spinal cord injuries, orthopaedics and rehabilitation, most recently as senior clinician physiotherapist (musculoskeletal) at the Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre. Jenni was the Medical Coordinator for the Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games and a lecturer in the School of Physiotherapy at LaTrobe University.


Notably, Jenni lead the development and implementation of the National Classification Strategy during her role as the Classification Manager for the Australian Paralympic Committee. This program is still regarded as one of the world's best.


Jenni is passionate about disability sports from her beginnings as a physiotherapy student playing wheelchair basketball through to a range of wheelchair and other disability sports. Jenni has been an international volleyball classifier for over 15 years and is a national classifier for athletics and cycling. Jenni is currently the Head of Classifier Education for World ParaVolley.

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