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VolleySLIDE - Getting Started - 'Want' vs 'Need'

When starting it is important to recognise that there is a big difference between what you ‘want’ vs what you actually 'need'.



A floor and net, some volleyballs, players, a coach, match kit, funding to competitions…



A sitting volleyball court, posts and a net, lots of volleyballs, other equipment (e.g. ball

trolleys, scoreboards), lots of players, multiple coaches, training kit, leisure kit, travel

expenses for players and coaches to training, overnight accommodation for

training camps, money to pay a coach, other support staff (physiotherapists, psychologists)…


So once you have worked out what you actually need, work out if you have the money to pay for it, if not think who could provide these things and what could you offer as a benefit to them in exchange.  


Court hire is one thing that a National Team you should be able to source for free, along with basic equipment (nets, posts, volleyballs) and kit/clothing.  You may need to do something for the court/equipment provider (such as a staff workshop or some promotion activities) in exchange, but save your money for things you need to pay for!


Partnerships only work if you create relationships and a sense of working together with external stakeholders.  Both of these must be evident over a longer period of time in order to get any kind of long-term success or benefit for both parties.

Roehampton 2 Mikasa Paralympic Court Ball Trolley