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The premise of the VolleySLIDE Workshop is that everything is provided to allow for someone from, or close to, those who are looking to run a workshop, can deliver it.  This is aimed at helping organisers by reducing, and in somecases removing a major barrier, in expense.


A VolleySLIDE Tutor (also known as a VT) is the link between the VolleySLIDE materials and the learning of the attendees.  They must ensure sufficient interaction and activity, to obtain a maximum result in developing Sitting Volleyball the knowledge and understanding of all attendees.


The VT is responsible for the following tasks:

- Working with the organiser to recruit attendees from the relevant areas

- Confirming the required content with the organiser

- Distribution of any necessary pre workshop materials to those registered to attend

- Preparing the PowerPoint slides and practical session plans accordingly

- Linking with the organiser to source a space, and the associated technical/sporting equipment, for both a practical and theoretical delivery (if required)

- Assessing and providing all of the required local health and safety information to the attendees

- Gauge interest from the attendees in doing a Level 1 course in becoming Coaches, Referees, Classifiers and/or Technical Officials and sign post them where to go to register for one.

- Provide VolleySLIDE with a short report on the template provided from the workshop and propose any changes or improvements to the provided content.


There are two options available to you when choosing your VT:



VolleySLIDE Workshop ‘Local’ Tutors VolleySLIDE Workshop ‘External’ Tutors