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With VolleySLIDE being a global initiative, language is one of our biggest challenges in ensuring that our products are available to anyone that wishes to use them.


All appointed translators work voluntarily to provide us with Sitting Volleyball updates and information from around the world, along with translating our resources and workshop into other languanges.

VolleySLIDE Translators

We are continually looks for more translators so that we can increase the number of languages that we offer.  We are in particular looking for translators for the following languages:


Chinese, Japanese, Hungarian, Ukrainian, ... plus any more!


If you are interested in translating any of the VolleySLIDE resources into your language please e-mail us at:


[email protected]

Twitter Worldwide

Whilst nearly all of our website and social media posts are done in English, we are pleased to have started our first Twitter account in another language.


To follow our French Twitter account please follow the below handle:




If you wish to become a VolleySLIDE Tweeter in another language please let us know!