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VolleySLIDE Workshop Theory Session Plans

A deck of PowerPoint Slides are provided for the tutor to use when introducing the workshop and for the theory sessions.

Slides are included for:   Session 1. 'What is it all about', Session 4. - 'Constructing a Session', and Session 8. - 'What happens next'.

There are also slides provided to be shown when introducing and concluding the practical sessions, as well as during the Workshop break.

Within the PowerPoint Slides is a wide range of photos and imagery that have been pulled together from around the world, aimed at presenting the sport in the fun and engaging way that anyone playing or watching the sport for the first time would experience.  There are also links to videos on YouTube, however an internet connection is required to make them play.


There are also 'Notes' provided by VolleySLIDE as suggestions for the deliverer on exactly what they should be saying or asking the participants for each slide.  These have been compiled through our pilots and only offer suggestions, of course feel free to use or ignore them as you wish.


The VolleySLIDE workshop is always under review by those involved in VolleySLIDE and World ParaVolley, so make sure you return to this website, or the 'Central Resource Base' to ensure that you have the latest version before delivering.

Or to see the VolleySLIDE Workshop Theory Slides on this website in a e-book click on the image below:

Theory Slides 2 Workshop Theory