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VolleySLIDE Systems - 'The Basics'

Teams will train prior to competing, both on the individual technical skills used in the game and the philosophy and cohesion of a team.  Team coaches will decide on the player’s service order (giving them their rotation) and which positiong they start the set.  These, alongside the intentions that a team have when playing, is called the ‘Team System’.


‘Team Systems’ are named using two numbers.  The first number is the number of players who are not nominated as the intended setter in one or more rotations (i.e. purely attackers), and the second number is the number of players who are.

Team Vision:

  • How to improve the basic level of skills of individual players and stimulate the development of whole team activities.

  • Short and long term goals should be established with players and the team   as a whole

  • Competent players to achieve adequate development.


When considering a system for a team, the following must be considered:

Start Basic:

The starting point for a decision over their system depends largely on the ability and skills of the players.


Coaches should look to improve and challenge their team and players whenever possible.


Setting Position:

A teams first contact needs a target, this is called the 'Setting Position'.  Usually it is preferable to set from position 2 or 3.  However it is also possible from position 4.


'Plan B':

What to do when the server is strong and dominating?  

What to do when the reception is poor?

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Passer Ability:

  • Understand strengths and weaknesses of the group of players and individuals.

  • Consider player impairments that affect their movement and playing of the ball.


Setter Ability:

  • The setters movement, setting range / impairment should be considered.



  • Serve-block position should be regarded when making a choice for setter position.

  • Is it a side-out or rally situation?