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Beach Volleyball is one of the most successful and popular competitive and recreational sports in the world. It is fast, it is exciting and the action is explosive.  Sitting Beach ParaVolley is no different.  They both exhibit the best of ability, spirit, creativity and aesthetics.


The adoption of Sitting Beach Volleyball as part of the family of World ParaVolley sports represented a significant effort to broaden the opportunities for participation of players with a physical impairment and making our game more accessible to a larger audience.


Summary of the Rules:

  • Teams are made up of 3 players against vs 3 players, with 1 Minimally Disabled (MD) player permitted per team

  • There is a rotational order, but players can sit where they like in their court

  • The court size is 8m x 4m

  • The net heights remain the same at 1.15m for Men and 1.05 for Women

  • The ball required to be used is the same as in Olympic Beach Volleyball

  • As with Beach Volleyball, in World ParaVolley World and Official Competitions teams are not allowed to receive external assistance or coaching during the match

  • Matches are best of 3 sets, with the first two to 21 and the 3rd set to 15 (a two point difference is required to win a set).  The teams switch after every 7 points (Set 1 and 2) and 5 points (Set 3) played.

  • Each team may request a maximum of one 30-second time-out per set.  For World ParaVolley World and Official Competitions as well as Zonal Championships, in sets 1 and 2, one additional 30-second “Technical Time-Out” is applied automatically when the sum of the points scored by the teams equals 21 points.

  • Finally, and as expected, it must be played on sand!

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