Central Resource Base WPV VolleySLIDE - normal

Leading on the Technical Accuracy/Ease of Use of VolleySLIDE

Delivery Coordinator


Resources Coordinator


Develop the VolleySLIDE workshop and work with World ParaVolley over its promotion and use within developing nations worldwide.


Other roles within Sitting Volleyball:

World ParaVolley Senior Coach Instructor, Former Head Coach of The Netherlands, Germany, Egypt and Rwanda.

Hobbies and interests:

Sports Coach, Photography, Travelling, Cycling and Sports Organisation Advising

Why he got involved in VolleySLIDE:

VolleySLIDE is an interesting item that can develop a sport that is very near to me, that will open up the whole world to this this attractive sport.

Lead on the collaboration, reviewing and updating of all VolleySLIDE resources.


Other roles within Sitting Volleyball:

Managing Director of Sitting Volleyball Experience

World ParaVolley Member

Hobbies and interests:

He enjoys watching a range of sports as well as socialising and spending time with friends and family.

Why he got involved in VolleySLIDE:

I have seen a huge surge in interest around Sitting Volleyball and I believe that VolleySLIDE can be the resource to support its development, by giving the SV community the chance to share thoughts and ideas to help each other to grow the sport.

Rich SC kigali 2009 (14)