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Workshop Practical Session Plans

The following sessions are best delivered practically:


Session 2 - Sitting and Sliding - covering court orientation, how to sit + move and team rotation.


Session 3 - Playing the Ball - covering ball flight judgemet, Digging, Volleying and angles of ease.


Session 5 - Serving and Passing - covering the Service (underarm and overarm) and Service Reception.


Session 6 - Net Play - covering Attacking (spiking), Blocking and Jousting.


Session 7 - Game Play - covering a range of 'game like' activites and actual match play.

Each of these has a two page session plan which has been written in a user friendly way, with each containing a range of activities, suggested timings and 'key teaching points' for a deliverer.


There are also extracts from the VolleySLIDE Resource Pack, as well as references to different VolleySLIDE activites and internet mediums were relevant.


These session plans are written in a generic way to allow for the deliverer to adjust them depending on their time restraints, space and equipment availability or particiants level or expectations.


If you have any questions what so ever about this VolleySLIDE Workshop pack, or you would like to ask some questions or get some advice of a technical nature please contact:

[email protected]


Thanks for looking through VolleySLIDE, please let us your thoughts.

Example 2

Example 2