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VolleySLIDE Systems - Position and Roles

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Court Areas:

To understand 'Team Systems' it is first important to understand the different areas of the court.  On each side of the net there is two zones, the front court zone and the back court zone.  Only players positioned in the front zone can attack above the height of the net in front of this divide.

In addition to this the court is divided into 6 positions, numbers from 1-6 and starting at the person who is serving.  These indicate the service order.  At the point of service, all players must be in front/behind, to the left/right of those next to them.

Designated 'Setter':

Teams have 3 ball contacts (not including a block touch) to generate an attack.  Before the start of any rally, it is important that all players on the team know which player is aiming to take the 2nd contact.  However, if the ball does not go to this player then others must take the ball.

<--- Intended Setter

Actual Setter for this transition --->

This requires clear communication from all concerned, i.e. the designated Setter to shout that they cannot get to the ball, and another player to shout that they will take the 2nd contact and set.