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Club level Sitting Volleyball can be played by anyone, and club tournaments are open to all individuals, skill levels and abilities.  Any age, either gender, any ability, anybody is welcome to play and compete at a National level.


The jump is something which can be adversely affected by disability or age.  However, Sitting Volleyball puts all players on a level playing field so people with a physical impairment and those without can come together to play an enjoyable sport without anyone’s abilities being limited due to their own 'physical composition'.


To compete internationally, athletes must have a physical impairment that limits their ability to play the game of Volleyball as we know it: standing up.


In Sitting Volleyball there are two classifications which are eligible to compete internationally:


Disabled (D) – this covers any major impairment, either congenital or acquired, such as an amputation or significant lack of movement or power of their body or 1 or more limbs.  Other disabilities that affect an individual’s body control can also count.


Minimally Disabled (MD) – this classification is more open to individuals with long term chronic injuries, who for whatever reason are unable to play the Olympic, standing, running, jumping version of volleyball.  They must still meet a minimum eligibility criteria (e.g. reduced passive range of movement, muscle strength, coordination, limb length discrepancy, amputation, endoprosthesis,...).


Unfortunately not everyone is eligible automatically to play sitting volleyball who is unable to play the Olympic, standing, running, jumping version of volleyball only if they meet the minimum eligibility criteria.


NOTE: Within any single match squad there can be up to two MD classified players, however only one of these is allowed onto the court at any one time.


The World ParaVolley Classification Handbook controls who is eligible to play internationally, either as a 'Minimally Disabled' player, or a 'Disabled' player.

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Click here to download the full World Medical & Functional Classification Handbook