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VolleySLIDE - Getting Started - What we did in Great Britain - Year 2

Community and Clubs

•  Look to extend the Centre Network to 10 clubs across the country.

•  Adjust the structure of the National Competition to provide regular competition at an appropriate level for all clubs.  We introduced a top division and a bottom division, with the rules at the top end focusing on performance, and the rules in the 2nd division focusing on development.



•  Focus on the recruitment and development of players who will be around and commit beyond London 2012.

•  Identify and recruit high level indoor volleyball players to fulfill the Minimal Disability slots within the National Teams as well as raising the level of play across the centres, and the status of Sitting Volleyball in the Volleyball community.



•  Look to learn and take the ´best bits´ from other National Team Coaches through sharing good practice and research into how teams operate and play the game.

•  Focus on developing the voluntary workforce to support the players at clubs and National teams.


National Teams

•  Undertake a research project on the current situation and planned projection of other National Teams for this and the next Paralympic cycle.

•  Create a home for Sitting Volleyball in Great Britain / namely Project Roehampton.  This had 2 main aims, i) provide accommodation for players based out of London so that the core of the Great Britain Teams could train together on a more regular basis ii) pull together the support services required by international teams so that they were delivered in a coordinated approach (Strength and Conditioning, Psychology, Nutrition, Skill Acquisition and Match Analysis)

•  Create a performance environment based on ‘What makes the boat go faster…’

•  Link with neighboring countries who are established at in National Competition for Match Practice (e.g. The Netherlands)

•  Identify the teams that Great Britain will need to compete with – and beat in the Paralympics and seek opportunities to play them on a regular basis.

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