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Community and Clubs

•  Established a Sitting Volleyball Advisory Group to lead on the planning and implementation, consisting of one person covering each of the main areas (e.g. Schools, Competitions, Refereeing, Coaching, Performance).

•  Created 8 Sitting Volleyball Centres, with a minimum of 8 players (both disabled and able bodied) and dedicated Head Coaches and Development Managers.

•  Provided a domestic competition(s) for these Centres, in a Grand Prix style format where everyone played against everyone at a number of central venues events, with the final being played alongside our National standing Volleyball final.  



•  Promoted Sitting Volleyball across the country amongst other Paralympic Sports as a new, exciting and different sport.

•  Recruited  talented (young where possible) individuals of either classification that either already lived, or were able to move to the vicinity of London.

•  Invited players from other international teams to train with us to help fast track our players and teams.

•  Positioned the sport in any environment in which you may find an individual with a disability or someone who may themselves know or find someone with a disability (e.g. Rehab Centres/Limb Fitters).



•  Recruited Coaches with proven experience of high level performance from Volleyball/Sitting Volleyball.

•  Provided a mentoring forum for Centre Coaches.

•  Established a Refereeing Award to train new Sitting Volleyball Referees or indoor referees that wish to convert to Sitting Volleyball.

•  Recruited Doctors and Physiotherapists and got them onto the international classifiers pathway.


National Teams

•  Proved to the National Paralympic Committee that there was an opportunity to compete and medal in the future within Sitting Volleyball.

•  Ensured that we are training on a more regular basis that all of our competitors.

•  Entered all appropriate competitions and found the right balance between ‘the best possible team we can field at that time’ and ‘the players that are likely to form the team in London 2012’.

•  Created a Women’s team and entered them into the 2010 World Championships in Oklahoma.

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