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Leading on Developing and Expanding VolleySLIDE

Growth Coordinator


Partnerships Coordinator


Identifying and implementing future initiatives and opportunities for VolleySLIDE.


Other roles within Sitting Volleyball:

Normally I am a player for Rwanda Sitting National Team Men but I am also a trainer at the grassroots level.  I train different teachers in both primary and secondary schools on how they can organise the sitting volleyball teams for student with disability at schools.

Hobbies and interests:

After my every day job  I have to do sport then relax.

Why he got involved in VolleySLIDE:

I want to work with VolleySlide because I like Sitting Volleyball first and I want to promote it so that many more countries can play our great game.

Expanding and managing the network of VolleySLIDE liaisons, players and coaches internally, whilst identifying and linking with appropriate partners externally.


Other roles within Sitting Volleyball:

Former International Referee and presently Team Manager and Assistant Coach of Slovenian Women National Team.

Hobbies and interests:

ParaVolley, Hiking, Golfing, Skiing, Badminton

Why he got involved in VolleySLIDE:

Sitting Volleyball is one of the most exciting and spectacular games in the world where able and disabled individuals can compete equally together.  I think that we should be promoting this and believe that VolleySLIDE can play a significant role in doing that.

Branko Emile