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Leading on the Presentation and Promotion of VolleySLIDE

Rob Richardson

Communications Coordinator


Marketing Coordinator


Responsible for coordinating all internet based communications through each of VolleySLIDE's social media accounts and website.


Other roles within Sitting Volleyball:

Great Britain Mens Captain / World ParaVolley Athlete Commission

Hobbies and interests:

Spending time with my family, supporting Arsenal and generally motivating my lifelong friend John Worrall

Why he got involved in VolleySLIDE:

I want to see the game I love grow  and I think VolleySLIDE can play a big role in building on the interest of London 2012 and really putting it on the map within the Paralympic Movement and Volleyball worldwide.

Responsible for leading on the appearance and branding of all VolleySLIDE's platforms and publications.


Other roles within Sitting Volleyball:

Former player and captain of USA Womens National Team / World ParaVolley Athlete Commission

Hobbies and interests:

Riding horses, playing volleyball beach and indoor), right-handed activities, playing outside in the sun!

Why she got involved in VolleySLIDE:

VolleySLIDE gives me the opportunity to give back to a sport that gave me the world, literally. This sport has so much to offer and I'm very proud to be a part of the effort to to expand it!

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