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VolleySLIDE Systems - Level 3

System: 3-3 (b)

System: 4-2 (b)

(with switching / penetration)

System: 5-1

This system is similar to 3-3 (a) & (b) which was outlined in Level 2, but here the 3 identified setters set from positions 1 and 6, penetrating both times from back court into front court.  Of course you can start with 3-3 (a) or (b), and then progress to this in a rally when an easy ball is played over by the opponent.

This system is used by most of the worlds leading teams.  It has 2 setters, who between them set on all rotations, and 4 attackers.  As with 4-2 (a), these two players need to be placed opposite each other in the line-up.


From this framework the setters can then switch/penetrate from either of their positions to enable them to set from the teams preferred position.


What is common is that the would set from position 3, position 2 and then penetrate from position 1 as is shown by the graphic below:

This is the most dominant system in regular Volleyball, however the complexities of moving when sat on the floor mean that this is difficult in Sitting Volleyball - however not impossible.


Or you can add a switch back court

3-3 Penetration from 1 3-3 Penetration from 6 3-3 Penetration from 1 (after switch)

Penetrating from position 6

Penetrating from position 1

2-4 (b) diagram

For this system to work well, you need two competent setters who are good/fast at moving, with a wide setting range.

one setter

This system can be done setting from the position that the setter is in, or by adding switching/penetration so that the setter sets from any position.


The most difficult rotations are usually from position 4 and position 5, so it is always good to have a back up option for when the setter is in these two positions.