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VolleySLIDE Systems - Level 2

System: 3-3 (a)

(without switching)

System: 4-2 (a)

(without switching)

System: 3-3 (b)

(with switching)

3 dominant ‘setters’ and 3 dominant ‘attackers’ who alternate so that there is always a ‘setter’ in either position 3 or 2.  In principle this system can be referred to as 2 triagonals, that sit on top of each other.  Meaning that those that set alternate with those who do not set.

In this system you place 2 dominant specialists opposite each other and they set from whichever position they are in front court.  So as one of these setters goes back court, the other comes front court.  


Whilst this is fairly simple to understand, it can prove difficult for the ser receivers as their target to send the ball on the 1st contact is constantly changing.


There are also the challenges associated with setting from position 4.


This is a very common system for national teams from all over the world.

This is a progression from 3-3 (a), but here when the setter is at position 3 they switch with the player who is at position 2 to move them into the preferred setting positions.

3-3 (a)

One disadvantage of this system is that it relies on each of the 'Setters' being very competent attackers, as they will need to do this from all back court positions, and most significantly position 4.  

IMG_8211 3-3 (b) untitled-714

This can be of particular benefit if you have a specialist middle, or if the setter is not competent at blocking in the middle.

2-4 (a) diagram