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VolleySLIDE Systems - Level 1

System: 6-6

Systems: 1-4 or 2-4 (a)

(no switching)

System: 1-5 or 2-4 (b)

(with front court switching)

6-0 from 3 6-0 from 2

In this system the team agrees in advance that the player who is at a certain position is the designated setter for that rally.  This means there is no switching or penetration required so movement is restricted enabling players to focus on the skills that are required.  However this relies on all players being confident and competent in setting the ball.

Here you can see a players setting from position 2, and then also from position 3 - which also requires setting backwards.

This system is to be used when there is 1 or 2 players who are unsuitable for setting, either because of their impairment, or because they do not have the skills required.  Or if you have a player or 2 who that excel at attacking and you do not want them to be the setter so that you can have them attacking.





4-2 diagram

Above is the 2-4 system.  The players in green are the non setters, while those in purple would be the dominate setters and set whenever they are in positions 2 or 3. However when they are at position 4 the orange setters will set from position 2.  The 1-5 system is similar, however there is only 1 non setter in the team.

This team system progresses from the non switching equivalent outlined before.


Here the players switch front court to get the dominant setters (in orange) over to position 2 - the preferred setting position.


This is a very common system in Sitting Volleyball but it does require most players to be able to do all of the skills required.


With these it is also important to consider the individual situation of impairment of all players.