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Getting the Governance of any sport right is crucial, and the exact situation and options that exist in any given country will vary greatly.


Those governing the sport are the ones who should:

- set out the vision

- control the direction

- make all the big decisions

- appoint the people to work for the sport

- support the sport with legal guidance

- provide liability assurances (insurance) for those working in the sport


There are 2 main options that exist regarding the governance for sitting volleyball:


1 - The integrated approach... where organisation responsible for volleyball (and potentially beach volleyball) also adopts and becomes responsible for sitting volleyball.  Whilst this has its advantages, it also has its disadvantages which are both listed below:



Provide the same structure and equal opportunities to all forms of volleyball

Utilises the fact that there is lots of volleyball 'knowledge' that is transferable across to sitting volleyball

Presents sitting volleyball as being as important as other forms of volleyball (see website screenshot)


Sitting volleyball will become on a small part of each persons responsibility


2 - The segregated approach... where a disability based organisation controls the sport, this can either be

the National Paralympic Committee/Association, a multi disability organisation or a sitting volleyball

specific organisation.  This also advantages and disadvantages which are also listed below:



Disabled associations are the biggest potential source of players


It puts the disability first, as opposed to it being a sport (for people with a disability).


Once you have decided on the best form of Governance for your area please consider World ParaVolley membership.

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