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Setting from Position 2:

Setting from Position 3:

Setting from Position 4:

This is the most common and popular place to have the Setter set the ball from.


This is largely because most people are right handed and it is easier to spike when the ball comes onto your hitting arm, rather than comes across your body before hitting it.


The other positive with this position is that the setter can see all of their attackers.

This is usually the position used with complete beginners, when they first start to designate a setter.  This is because as they are in the middle of the court they are more likely to get to the ball.


However, as this person is in the middle they are constantly rotating around and often this can lead to a lack of awareness over where they are.

As players start to specialise, those who excel at setting are positioned away from each other in the team rotational order.  Consequently as a team rotates, the specialist setters end up at position 4 and to enable them to remain as the setter, teams will set from position 4 to avoid any further complication.


Obviously if you have a team of left handed players then you can set from 4!