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1. 'What is it all about'

2. 'Sitting and Sliding'

3. Playing the ball'

4. 'Planning'

5. 'Serving and Passing'

6. 'Net Play'

7. 'Game Play'

8. 'Next'

This first session is designed to work through the planned structure of the VolleySLIDE Workshop as well as the background of the sport and the basic flow of the game.  It is aimed at being delivered in a classroom with a computer (with internet) and projector (with sound).

The second session aims to introduce the participants to sport from a seated position on the floor (probably their first), whilst giving them time to explore various positions and movement techniques.

Then the ball is introduced providing a stimilus to determine the mechanics of their movement and the techniques of 'Volleying' and 'Digging' are introduced to control the ball and pass it to a team mate.

Leaving the court again, this session looks at the importance of ball feeding, session flow, team communicaton and player specialisation. (Slides follow on from Module 1)

To finish off, this session looks at the oppourtunities Sitting Volleyball offers both locally and internationally, for anyone looking to become a player, coach, referee or volunteer.

After a short break, it looks at the two most important elements of the game ... Serving and recieving Service (including Passing and Blocking).  This is done using some individually based activites and some games from the Resource.  

After having worked through starting the game (No. 5) and controlling the ball (No. 3) the workshop looks at Net Play.  This includes showing the participants both attacking and blocking before getting them to give it a go.

To end the practical sessions a number of 'game like' activities are offered to allow for the participants to try their newly learnt skills as well as to see it all working together.  A variety of balls (both in weight and size) are suggested.

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