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Local or National Competitions - Once you have 2 or more teams you should look to start a competition.  To begin with consider a Grand Prix Series where all teams come to a central venue for one day a month, where everyone plays against everyone.  The video on the right is an educational video put together during the first year of the Sitting Volleyball Grand Prix Series in 2010.

International Competitions - The pinnacle of the sport is the IPCs Paralympic Games, which are held every 4 years after the Olympic Games in the same city.  For more information about the Rio 2016 Games please CLICK HERE.


On a world level, there is also a World Championships, a World Cup and an Inter Continental Cup held in each 4 year period.  


On a zonal level there are Zonal Championships every 2 years (in the odd years) as well as the occasional Continental Cup.


The video on the left is the highlights video from the London 2012 Paralympic Games held at the ExCel exhibition hall for 10 days through September.

For more information about the current Sitting Volleyball Grand Prix Series CLICK HERE.  Consider linking the Final  with a high profile Volleyball competition, to demonstrate complete equality (see image on the left).  

Cup finals Kettering 2011