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Sitting Volleyball is:


'The most fun I

have had on

my bum...'

Lord Sebastian Coe

- To offer the leading #SittingVolleyball starter pack resource, in multiple languages

- To work with World ParaVolley to provide a ‘central resource base’ of Sitting Volleyball coaching tools.

- To provide an engaging template for an introductory workshop covering all aspects of the sport.  

- In collaboration with partners, share updates and news from around the world of ParaVolley.

- To gather and share insights of leading players and coaches, medical workers and referees.

- To promote #SittingVolleyball to new markets, through the notion of 'SLIDE'.  

VolleySLIDE Aims

VolleySLIDE Structure

VolleySLIDE is ran by a group of voluntary coordinators from across the world who work together for the good of our sport, Sitting Volleyball.  

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Anyone who can sit of the floor and move their arm(s) can play.

All you need to play is the floor, a ball and a divide (net) of some kind.

The word 'Volley’ shows the link with Volleyball, and the ‘Slide’ emphasizes the movement, speed, energy and fun participants experience.  


'...you only get it when you play it'